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Still, the task is the task, and you will now have to adapt to the limitations (strangulations? The essay itself actually announces the two poles from which your response must draw its main energies: you must 1) “help us understand what aspects of Northwestern appeal most to you” and then 2) show the admissions committee “how you’ll make use of specific resources and opportunities here.” Put simply, you need to give your readers information about your academic goals, what it is that you want to achieve an education for, and then show how you will make use of particular offerings at Northwestern in order to best satisfy those goals.“The quality of a Northwestern education is such that I will be equipped for the multifarious challenges of an evolving world.

Despite that daunting number, students are still lining up to throw their applications into the pool, vying for a vaunted place in the school’s hallowed halls.

Most of these applicants have intimidating academic records, scores on the ACT or SAT that float well above the 90th percentile, and lists of extracurricular activities that would send Da Vinci scrambling for a leadership position in his high school’s student government.

No matter what career I end up pursuing, an education undertaken in the beautiful city of Evanston will give me the power to enact change on the world stage.” I cannot stress enough how this response is.

If I were an admissions officer, the first thought that passed through my mind would be “huh…

In 300 words or less, help us understand what aspects of Northwestern appeal most to you, and how you’ll make use of specific resources and opportunities here.

Writing an essay that articulates why you want to go to Northwestern in under 300 words is a pretty challenging task: 300 words barely fill up half a page, and, if you truly do want to go to Northwestern, you’ll likely have more than half a page of potential reasoning in your head.Here’s an example: “Ever since I watched Errol Morris’s film and learned that its carefully constructed arguments overturned a man’s conviction and subsequent death sentence, I have been struck by the stunning power of investigative documentary.It unites a director’s artistic vision with his detective’s eye, resulting in one of the only art forms that uses the emotive power of cinematic style to effect literal, pragmatic change.At Northwestern’s renowned Medill School of Journalism, I hope to make use of the school’s prodigious resources to become a practitioner of this powerful discipline.” The above paragraph is perhaps a bit overwrought, but it has so much more detail than that cringe-inducing wincer from before: it locates the specific reason why the student loves his proposed field of study, demonstrates the student’s clear and obvious passion, and connects this personal anecdote to Northwestern, thus laying the perfect groundwork for the next step of the process…After you’ve written about your goals in a way that is detailed and honest, you need to back up your argumentation.When he says that he will “enact change on the world stage,” what is he referring to?Hopefully, my questions have allowed some of my first-hand annoyance with this response to seep through. essays, your essay will fade into the pile of other bland, copy-pasted template responses, doomed to the fate of the dodo.The question naturally arises: how can you make your profile stand out from this exceptionally qualified crowd (aside from having fearsome academic credentials, relevant activities and sky-high test scores)?The answer is simple: you need to write great essays.Ultimately, if you can follow all of the steps that I’ve just delineated in clear, grammatically clean prose, your essay will succeed.It may not secure you an acceptance to Northwestern, but that’s because almost nothing can do this.


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