North By Northwest Movie Essay

Roger Thornhill is a successful advertising executive on Madison Avenue, New York.

One evening, he is mistaken for a spy called George Kaplan, kidnapped and taken to a house on Long Island.

Seeing that no one will believe he is innocent, Thornhill goes on the run.

Thornhill knows that the mysterious spy he was mistaken for, Kaplan, has a reservation at a Chicago hotel.

As a whole, this film features the technical mastery that Hitchcock brought to so much of his work.

is also full of themes that Hitchcock returned to again and again throughout his career.

If you show someone the right Chaplin or Kurosawa film they’ll be a fan of either or both of those directors for life.

In that spirit, I’d like to recommend my own introductory film for a legendary director: Alfred Hitchcock.

So he sneaks onto a luxury train called the 20th Century Limited that goes from New York to Chicago.

On the train he meets Eve Kendall, who helps him avoid detection by the authorities.


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