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TMA is one such tool which plays a very important role in the learning process through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) System.TMAs help learners to know their progress and attainment level and develop regular study habits.Based on New Syllabus & Question Pattern With Good Quality Answers...

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The candidates who wants to download NIOS DEl Ed Assignment 2018 may visit the official website or click the links that is provided on this page.Assignment (e-copy ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY) Assignment (e-copy IGNOU) Assignment with Project Works (Hard copy NIOS) Assignment with Project Works (e-copy NIOS) NIOS Sample Papers or Last Five Year Solved Question Papers Sample Papers (including Last Three Year Solved Question Papers & Important question/Expected question with Solution)for preparation of examination, 10th & 12th class students only for NIOS Students. MOST IMPORTANT From the session 2015-16, 20% weightage of theory would be given to Internal Assessment.The public examination would cover remaining 80% of weightage of theory.So candidates must study all the syllabus before preparing the assignment.After preparing the assignment candidates need to submit the assignments to the concerned study centre according to the schedule.The Candidates who does not receive the assignment for any reason, the NIOS shall not be responsible for that.From the year 2018 Tutor Marked Assignment in the Secondary/Senior examination will carry 20% weighting in the external examination and these marks will be shown separately in the marks sheet along with the external examination paper which will carry 80 marks in each subject.It was also stated very clearly that learners will not be granted permission to appear in examinations and/or their results may be declared as "INCOMPLETE" unless they have given at least one TMA in each subject.The system of giving 20 percent weight to Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) in final results of the students in NIOS introduced from 2002 examination has been discontinued, subject to TMA being made compulsory and the relative grading in TMA being shown in the final certificate and the separate column (Grade obtained in TMA).Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) is one such means TMA helps in developing regular study habits in students and give students practice in writing responses to questions thereby having a kind of rehearsal in the preparation for the final examination.Open school has developed several means and strategies to help learners to learn well and be successful.


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