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Planet Earth is a beautiful place to live here in universe.We have our basic needs here in the planet Earth, we have water for us to drink and to water our crops; we have air to breath in; we have minerals that we use in our daily life. Natural disasters that we can’t do anything to stop it but just to be prepare ourselves to lessen the casualties.

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Those that live in Haiti live in fear, depression, and some even go suicidal. People make it seem as though they were describing “Hell” which is not a good place for anyone.

From my experience I have come up with the conclusion that Haiti is poor today because of lack of motivation....

[tags: Hurricane Katrina, Tropical cyclone, Storm surge] - Introduction The increased media coverage of the impacts of disaster events has caused a renewed interest in natural disasters (Hamilton and Press, 2009).

This paper endeavors to show that what masses perceive as natural disasters are because of an array of factors.

Natural disasters is any catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural processes of the earth.

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The severity of a disaster are measured in lives lost, economic loss, and the ability of the population to rebuild....Towns, personal property, and even lives can be lost due to Mother Nature’s wrath.Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, floods, wildfires and draughts are just a few of the natural occurrences that create both individual suffering but economic hardship.[tags: History, Natural Disasters] - In the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti, questions have surfaced concerning the future stability within the country .Though the estimates of the number of casualties range between the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands depending upon the source, the scale and variance of the estimates are telling signs of the destruction and chaos that the earthquake has generated.Earthquake is one of the natural disasters that the scientist can predict but not yet can tell what specific sites or accurate calculation of timing....[tags: Business continuity planning] - During the last years, there has been an increase in the reports of natural disasters.Natural disaster come in many forms such as earthquakes, tornados, floods, blizzards, hurricane fire, and volcanic eruptions and it can affect thousands of people in the world.Natural disaster can be foreseen with the aid of advance technology, but overall, nature’s wonders occur unexpectedly, and the majority of the people don’t know what to do or what to expect before, during or even after the disaster Firstly, the most direct and immediate impact of a natural disaster on a society is the loss of human life...." This means that the situation or event overflows the capacity locally, showing that not only the In the case of the United States, assistance for extreme events is linked by law to the disaster declaration issued by the president....[tags: assistance, damage, natural hazzard] - Abstract: Natural disasters can be traumatic and often heart-breaking for many individuals and there is no way to predict when and where these tragedies will strike.


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