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Teachers: If you make the essay a class assignment, please be sure to set an internal deadline for your students so that you have time to read your students’ essays and submit only the top three essays per class. contest must be received by February 8, 2019 at pm Pacific Time.Much of this disconnect is derived from the historical roots of the pseudoscience of race, founded in the so-called Age of Enlightenment, by writers and thinkers, most of whom did not visit the continents or the people they were attempting to categorize.

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It provides a nice insight into what has been learned about patterns of genetic and phenotypic variation in human populations since the publication of Watson and Crick’s paper 66 years ago.

Professor Robin Nelson (Santa Clara University), who was involved in writing the statement, commented,  "The AAPA has a responsibility to provide scientifically accurate information to the public about race and racism.

Our collective genetic history is messier, richer and more complex than concepts of race; race itself is more a cultural phenomenon and less genetics than most people realize.” Race is real Another important point that this statement raised is that “while human racial groups are not biological categories, ‘race’ as a social reality — as a way of structuring societies and experiencing the world — is very real. Adam Rutherford, another geneticist and author who was not involved in writing this statement, agrees with this point.

“It isn’t good enough to say that race doesn’t exist, tempting though that might be.

This opportunity is open to all students in the United States who are in grades 5 to 12.

A winning essay will be selected for each topic in each grade group. winners and their classes will be invited to participate in a videoconference or teleconference with NASA scientists and/or engineers so the students can have their questions about the moons of Saturn and Jupiter answered by the experts. All international winners of the Scientist for a Day essay contest will have their essays posted on NASA's Solar System Exploration website.Whether or not there are real missions currently planned to return to these worlds is not a factor in the students’ essays. For a list of participating countries, visit the international pages . My country doesn't have a contest, but I would like to participate. Being able to describe which target you think will return the most interesting scientific data is one of the main points of this activity. Each country that participates in the essay contest may choose the language(s) in which entries will be accepted. I have given this assignment to my classes as a project. You are welcome and encouraged to use this contest as a class assignment.They can design their own missions to explore Enceladus, Titan, or Europa, regardless of any planned missions NASA has to return to these moons. Teachers in the United States must use the online submission form. Can home-schooled students enter this essay contest? It depends in part on the languages the contest judges can read. Please read the essays and send us ONLY the top three essays from each of your classes for us to judge.Six are members of the National Academy of Sciences.We train individuals for academic careers in human and medical genetics using the most advanced concepts and techniques of genetics and cellular/molecular biology.The proposed “Dragonfly” mission is under consideration to return to Titan with a robotic drone. Can students at a Museum, Science Center, Astronomy Club or After-school program participate?The Europa Clipper mission is being built now to return to Europa. Parallel contests are being run in other countries around the world. Yes, but please have your program coordinator contact us at [email protected] for the details on how to submit. No, you have to choose just one moon in your essay. The contest for students in the United States is only accepting essays in English. Yes, but you must indicate the grade level for each student who wrote the essay, and the essay will be judged in the grade category of the oldest student who collaborated on the essay.Race certainly does exist, because we perceive it and racism exists because we enact it.What is unequivocal is that the colloquial and traditional descriptions of race that are commonly used in the West are not accurately reflected by underlying genetics.Professor Robin Nelson (Santa Clara University), who was involved in writing the statement, commented, "The AAPA has a responsibility to provide scientifically accurate information to the public about race and racism.This statement reflects our commitment to engaging in these sometimes difficult conversations." Race is not a biologically meaningful category As the statement discusses, one of the most important insights from studies of human DNA across the world has been that the concept of “race” is not a useful or accurate term to describe patterns of biological variation that exist.


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