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Sklar points out that "[t]he emotional character of loyalty also sets it apart from obligation.

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Political loyalty is evoked by nations, ethnic groups, churches, parties, and by doctraines, causes, ideologies, or faiths that form and identify associations." (Shklar, 184).

Thus, loyalty is deeply affective and not primarily rational.

Here, I can perceive much of myself in the daughter that even if the storyteller communicates no exact description of her personality or behavior, through the speaker’s sentiment and mood in the poem, I am certain that the child’s adulthood is, to that extent, going through a crisis of being profoundly challenged by external forces somewhere as that originating from her society. Topic: Teacher: Marks by Linda Pastan The poem, ‘Marks’ by Linda Pastan seems like a narrative poem in which, the speaker informs about her daily routine and marking of her close relatives for all her actions.

The speaker of the poem is a woman who is a wife and a mother of a boy and a girl.

This truth is evident in the lines where Pastan holds the speaker to allude the abrupt passing of time, stating in transition “I kept waiting / for the thud / of your crash as I / sprinted to catch up, / while you grew / smaller, more breakable / with distance.” There emerges in this scenario some painful remembrances of struggles which the mother has to bear in order to keep up with her willful duty of continuously watching over her daughter.

As characterized by the narrator, the grownup child seemingly loses her simple path in exchange for one which the older woman could not quite follow with ease.Politics has formed its behavior into a universal religion, where its faith depends on loyalty and obligation. Comments: ur last argument was very well written...made up very well might I add :) neways, I hope my comments help, cuz sometimes I really didn't no how to change some if without really knowing wat the article was about. It is important to note that my parents always obeyed the state, but they lost their loyalty as they lost their identity.The restricted conditions which forced my family to hide their identity, forced us to exile into a strange country, but in hope for a promised land.Mom would be proud and boast off even the tiniest details of my nonsensical tasks for as long as it seemed a sign of maturity.Just as how Pastan’s leading character treats her small daughter who looks bound to grow up fast, my mother similarly embodies that type whose source of happiness reflects in her unconditional love of me and my sibling. Introduction Leaving home Note: I think u should define the authors definition of obligation and loyalty in the introduction or ur understanding of their definitions in terms of ur thesis cuz sometimes its hard to understand the difference b/w the two.that shouldn't really happen cuz that is the focus of ur essay Red: corrections (make sure u read the sentence wit read stuff cuz the whole sentence had to change sometimes) Blue: comments Yellow highlight: erase those things (not needed) Leaving home is a difficult choice for any individual to make.A decision of this caliber contains conditions of no obligation, enforced obligation, and obligation in conflict with loyalty.This is how I ended up in POL81A at the University of Toronto.My parents packed up everything they had worked hard for over the last twenty-four years and migrated to Canada.


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