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I heard a swimmer coming up behind me, but I wanted to get there first. We swimmers were all like sharks of the same species who wanted the prey first. Then she smile you see on TV when the villain shows up to destroy the hero or victim. She had everyone sit in a circle if they wanted to try. ” I asked stubbornly with hopeful fireflies in my eyes. Friends were made last year, and soon my mind put away the memories of drama at the pace of a cheetah racing the wind. Before long, I was approaching the wall for my finish. I did a silent, little happy dance, and came in to see a glorious classroom. It was a large space full of light and a rainbow squared carpet, a small side of the room with a drama center and building blocks, a cozy little library area, a load of art supplies and… There she was, acting all innocent in front of her parents. Soon after two months she came to school with a Magic-Eight Ball at recess.Seeing Tino swimming towards us, we made room for him on board. I threw my weight on the opposite end so we wouldn’t capsize. Start with the butterfly stroke, I told myself going through the order again in my head as I swam. Could it have been the fact I was bullied to a point where anything else was considered nice? She had frizzy, brown hair that jumped with every step; soft, chocolate skin; and round, almond eyes that glittered with their own spirit, giving her a spark. Once all our activity was complete, we sat down to listen to Mr. Of course, soon enough, Tana arrived to bomb our giggles and smiles. After that day, I decided it wasn’t worth listening to someone say something was wrong with me.

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Each piece does many things well, and any one piece may serve as a model or ignite ideas for your own personal narrative. My arms and legs tingle with the thought of an underwater creature dragging me down into the watery depths. V.,” I think as I anticipate a shark jumping out from the water and eating us. My mom’s book club invited my brother, sister, mom, and me, along with two other families, to a beach house. The boys were evidently going to go crazy if they didn’t do something soon. ” Madison, Ana, and I screamed and yelled, but it was to no avail. The boys were still in the water, unable to get in the boat. It was only about five seconds before my head would touch the cool water, but five seconds felt long. The buzzer went off, and everybody plunged into the shallow, still water, sending it into a million ripples and crinkles. I turned and kicked off, starting my next lap of this stroke. On my backstroke start, I got water up my nose, probably gallons of it. At the flags, I counted five strokes, and then did a flip turn. E, I marvelled at the fact that I was in second grade, the vast field a model of my mind.

The house was on a tranquil lagoon with rippling water. The house had kayaks, body boards, and a paddle boat! They had been lying in the sun for too long, and they were swiftly accumulating girly tans. Why didn’t they let one floaty go drifting downstream and then go chasing it in the paddle boat?! There was only one catch: the pleasant breeze that had been blowing gently was now a gushing whirlwind of energy, and the floaty was rapidly growing smaller and smaller, with the boys close in tow. Ana, realizing her plan wasn’t working, untied the kayak. He waited until the six swimmers walked up to their diving blocks. The swimmers bent down and held the edge of the diving blocks. It felt good, and I relaxed for a split second, but then remembered that this was a 200-yard medley. My mind swirled from the number of friends I made last year, and how it felt like I knew practically everyone. I listened halfway, but I was swept off my feet by my good friend, Mia.

I am a queen walking up to her throne as I sit down in the comfortable chair in the middle of the gallery. I look up at the clock again, noticing all the details and carvings. We all hurried to the bathroom and peered into the vacant cage. ” Sure enough, there she was crawling out from behind the toilet, making little clickety-clackety sounds on the tile floor. She even has a small cage in which I feed her so there is no way she can escape. Ke’e was a long spit of black lava rock, which suddenly dropped to the ocean, filled with tropical sea life. I looked down, and there, I saw a huge hole in the rocks, and the salt water was going up and back down. Soon we were speechless as we watched all the colorful tropical sea life. These lava tubes were formed by hot lava traveling down, and into the ocean, and it made arches in the water. All I am thinking in my mind is these two things: This means payback and this is going to be the best night ever.

I think that the clock is a piece of art, just like everything else in the museum. I am utterly stunned just looking at the masterpiece. I was definitely right; she was nowhere to be seen. My mom and sister scurried downstairs to get flashlights while my brother and I hunted for Emma. That night my mom read my sister and me the story by Jessel Miller. I have learned that everything needs a little adventure now and then, whether it’s me or my gecko. It was pretty hard for me to hold my breath for such a long amount of time, but I could handle it. I knew without a doubt that I would visit far more amazing places, but I will always remember my day at Ke’e. “Yummm,” I utter, as our creamy, chocolate-covered and to-die-for sundae arrives.

Narrative essays are truly works of art, and good artists must practice their craft.

Writing a narrative essay is about telling a story using your original voice. Characters and settings should be described with flare, but the descriptions shouldn’t slow the plot to a crawl.

My heart was filled with satisfaction and joy now that I had seen this gorgeous masterpiece. I notice two elderly women staring at us, probably thinking we are psychotic. I am laughing the whole way home and anticipating what we will do next. ” the rocks cry out for help as they get trapped under out feet while we walk to the barn.

Apparently, my sister’s goat, Delilah, doesn’t like Faith, which means, Delilah is in full attack mode, butting and nibbling at Faith. Faith scrambles behind me so I can be her human shield. ” yells the door as I slam it shut when we arrive inside the house.

It’s not as simple as coming up with three points and explaining them.

There’s more than one way to write a narrative essay.


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