Music Education Dissertations

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This is the master collection of contemporary BU theses and dissertations.

We plan to consolidate school- and college-specific collections into this one, and add school- and college-specific metadata to enable users to browse appropriately.

To access actual dissertations, use Interlibrary Loan.

NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations) Supports "electronic publishing and open access to scholarship in order to enhance the sharing of knowledge worldwide." Search tool for finding electronic theses and dissertations available through universities around the world.

Lownsbery PDF Using Music-Related Concepts to Teach High School Math, Vytas Nagisetty PDF Project NANO: Will Allowing High School Students To Use Research Grade Scanning Electron Microscopes Increase Their Interest in Science?

, Leslie Ten Eyck Smith PDF Effects of Ethnicity and Gender on Sixth-Grade Students' Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes After Participation in a Year-Long Environmental Education Program, Rachel Stagner PDF Integrating K-W-L Prompts into Science Journal Writing: Can Simple Question Scaffolding Increase Student Content Knowledge?Search the Library's Online Catalog with terms from your topic and add the phrase "Temple University theses" to the search.Examples: "Temple University theses" music / "Temple University theses" dance Note: a search using the phrase "temple university theses" will find both Masters theses and Ph D dissertations.International Dissertations - for dissertations completed outside of North America, search the Center for Research Libraries.To obtain materials from the Center for Research Libraries, contact a librarian.RILM, ERIC, Psyc Info, and Google Scholar index dissertations.Some institutions offer online availability to recent dissertations. Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online Contains listings of dissertations in progress as well as completed dissertations in the field of Musicology from 1986 to the present.A Case-study Exploring the Effectiveness of Citizen Science as an Instrument to Teach the Nature of Science through a Local Nocturnal Owl-Monitoring Project, Tess Marie Kreofsky PDF Focus on a STEM, Based in Place, Watershed Curriculum: A confluence of stormwater, humans, knowledge, attitudes, and skills, Lecia Molineux Schall PDF Evaluation of a High School Science Fair Program for promoting Successful Inquiry-based Learning, Julia Nykeah Betts PDF The Power of Reflective Professional Development in Changing Elementary School Teachers' Instructional Practices, Carolina Christmann Cavedon PDF Using Art to Teach Students Science Outdoors: How Creative Science Instruction Influences Observation, Question Formation, and Involvement, Christina Schull Cone PDF "What Does This Graph Mean?" Formative Assessment With Science Inquiry to Improve Data Analysis, Andrea Dawn Leech PDF Associations between Input and Outcome Variables in an Online High School Bioinformatics Instructional Program, Douglas S., Brandon Joel Wagner PDF An Investigation into Instructional Support for Data Analysis in High School Science Inquiry, Anika Rae Baker-Lawrence PDF Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Other Words Students Avoid Speaking Aloud: Evaluating the Role of Pronunciation on Participation in Secondary School Science Classroom Conversations, Stacie Elizabeth Beck PDF Increasing Evidence Based Reasoning in an 8th Grade Classroom Through Explicit Instruction, Erol Chandler PDF Lighting the Fire: How Peer-Mentoring Helps Adult Learners Increase Their Interest in STEM Careers: A Case Study at the Community College Level, Patricia Marie De Turk PDF How Does Student Understanding of a Concept Change Throughout a Unit of Instruction?Support Toward the Theory of Learning Progressions, Brian Jay Dyer PDF Impact of Teacher Feedback on the Development of State Issued Scoring Guides for Science Inquiry and Engineering Design Performance Assessments, Timothy Paul Fiser PDF An Investigation into Teacher Support of Science Explanation in High School Science Inquiry Units, Rebecca Sue Hoffenberg PDF Science Journals in the Garden: Developing the Skill of Observation in Elementary Age Students, Karinsa Michelle Kelly PDF Thinking Aloud in the Science Classroom: Can a literacy strategy increase student learning in science?


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