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Depending on how the verses in the manuscript are interpreted...Moreover, the sense of adolescence in the poem brings life to the poem. I was embarrassed 9by the old men standing to shake my hand.” This is an imagery to distinguish between the youths or the adolescents and older generation.Moreover, the theme of the poem that revolves around the dead boy is also an imagery depicting transition between life and death.The love motives played a very important role in the literature of ancient Egypt. Literally, Tao or Dao means way or path, Te or De means virtue, inner strength, also integrity, while Ching or Jing originally meant the rule, norm, plan and, by semantic extension, also mean scripture, canon, or great book.They were composed many years ago, and they help reveal the secret of life of ancient Egyptians. Tao Te Ching Believed to have been written by Lao Tzu, whose own accurate identity is also under debate, Tao Te Ching is believed to have been written around the 6th century B. by some scholars and between the 4th and the 3rd century B. Tao Te Ching therefore can be translated as the Scripture/Canon of the Way/Path and the Power/Virtue".For instance, the title “Mid-Term Break” may be taken to depict or suggest finality of someone’s life.The mid term break depicts a break from school for the narrator.A person may be faithful towards a religion or an individual.Faith, in terms of a religion is termed as the acceptance of a religion or beliefs pertaining to a religion.It should be noted that the use of the imagery in the poem has managed to draw the audience ultimately into the gap created by the poem.For instance death has been used a gap which is a life altering factors that is a well an impenetrable.


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