Mechanical Thesis Proposal

Undoubtedly an Engineering thesis may be one of the most demanding types of research papers to complete.

It is not just to the research and experimentation that the writer of the thesis needs to studiously apply himself.

The orientation meeting is a good place for initiating your project.

You will receive detailed information on the project requirements, meet the professors in your area of interest, and find out what projects are available in the department.

Please contact your department’s Format Advisor to discuss any necessary changes.

If you are a classified student (meaning if you do not have a conditionally classified status), have satisfied the GWAR, and have an approved Candidacy form, you can register for the graduate project.

This is a highly recommended academic area and there has been a steady growth in the industry.

A mechanical engineering thesis means in depth knowledge and research of a topic in mechanical engineering.

Likewise, the writing of the thesis itself has restrictions against personal tones and the use of layman’s words where technical terms exist.

Study of the design, construction and operation of any machinery is called mechanical engineering.


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