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This will explain the problem or issues you will address, investigate, or research.This section should be fairly brief, but should provide enough basic information to explain your proposed research and/or dissertation fully.INTRODUCTION Panda Tip: This section provides an introduction to the problem you will be studying.

Here you will outline what you believe the results of your research will show.

This goes hand in hand with your thesis, as you intend or expect to obtain certain results.

This will help further cement the need and usefulness of your intended research.

POTENTIAL OUTCOMES Panda Tip: This section is probably unnecessary in an arts or humanities thesis proposal, but should be included in a scientific or active research based thesis.

A science or active research-based thesis may rely less heavily on the Bibliography of Sources subsection and spend more time detailing research methods to be utilized. Methods This thesis project will depend upon the following research methods for garnering results: Panda Tip: Methods may include a wide variety of things, such as surveys for sociological or psychological research projects, laboratory experimentation, fieldwork, etc. With a humanities or arts thesis, this section will be much larger. Implications of Research Panda Tip: In this subsection you can indicate what implications your research will have in your field.

Be sure to provide highly detailed descriptions of the methods you will use in your research, including specifics such as numbers, dates, locations, resources to be used, and more. Make sure you are formatting your sources properly, using the same referencing style you will use in your final dissertation or presentation. Some programs require an annotated bibliography, meaning that you will need to briefly assess the viability of each source you will be using, and explain why it will contribute to your research. Address how the addition of this research may change or alter the current knowledge on a subject.Parties other than Panda Doc may provide products, services, recommendations, or views on Panda Doc’s site (“Third Party Materials”).Panda Doc is not responsible for examining or evaluating such Third Party Materials, and does not provide any warranties relating to the Third Party Materials.Proposal Prepared by [NAME] in part fulfillment of the degree requirements for the [DEGREE LEVEL] of [ARTS OR SCIENCES] in [DEGREE AREA].11-Mar-2020 16:23 ABSTRACT Panda Tip: The Abstract starts off your thesis proposal by introducing a summary of the complete proposal.A faculty committee, chaired by the major professor, will evaluate the written report and conduct an oral examination of the candidate.This sample outline may not be appropriate for some studies.If performing active research, explain how the intended results will contribute to the knowledge or how the results will change commonly held ideas. This web design proposal template is perfect for the agency that wants to wow prospects who are considering building a new website.It includes detailed service descriptions, pricing, legal terms, and electronic signature.CONTRIBUTIONS TO KNOWLEDGE Panda Tip: In this section, elaborate on what contributions your individual research or study will make to the body of knowledge as a whole in your field. You can provide titles for these chapters, if necessary, or simply indicate what each chapter will contain.Show once more how your thesis will help fill the existing gaps in knowledge or will show a particular topic from a new angle. Put your business’ flooring expertise on display and gain new clients by adding photos of your work, customer testimonials, and project details to this customizable flooring installation and repair proposal template.


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