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Others denominations differ in terms of practice - compare the staid ceremony of Anglicans to the tongue-speaking spectacle of Charismatics.

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Luther's 95 Theses spread across Europe like wildfire.

Within two months, they were being read in cities across the continent.

No one who challenged the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church was allowed to draw breath for long.

Anyone who tried to start their own church, or come up with their own take on Christianity, was labeled a heretic.

He believed that the only true path to salvation lay through faithfulness to Christ and his teachings, not through adherence to the ideologies and dogmas of the Catholic Church.

Yet Luther probably would not have made a fuss if it weren't for the fact that these 'get out of hell free' cards weren't actually free.Earlier that year, in 1517, Pope Leo X had made an unconventional move. Peter's Basilica in Rome, but he didn't want to spend his own considerable wealth to do so.This is not surprising, as Leo was a member of the wealthy Medici banking family, which dominated Florence. Leo's solution was to begin offering indulgences in exchange for donations to the Basilica's renovation.Try it risk-free This lesson covers the start of the Protestant Reformation.It begins by comparing the vast array and peacefulness of Christian denominations in modern days to the limited choices and violence of the past.An indulgence is a remission of punishment for sins.You can think of an indulgence as a 'get out of hell free' card.Then it goes into the story of Martin Luther, from his 95 Theses through the Diet of Worms up to the beginning of the German Peasant Revolt. ' their answer probably will not be 'I'm a Christian.' They are much more likely to say 'I'm a Baptist' or 'I'm a Presbyterian' or 'I'm a Unitarian.' In general, most Christians identify themselves with a certain denomination, or sect of their religion. There are several denominations of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and all of the other religions out there.However, none can match Christianity for sheer numbers.There are approximately 41,000 different denominations of Christianity.Some of these denominations differ on fundamental notions - the Greek Orthodox Church does not try to convert non-believers, whereas Evangelicals do little else.


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