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Here are 10 of the best macroeconomics term paper ideas to help you get started on your own amazing paper; use these topics, or get inspired to find one of your own!

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One way to start is to have a great topic for your term paper.

The topic you choose for your term paper should be interesting, both to you and to your teacher.

While there was a failure to forecast the crisis, it did not come down to a lack of understanding of possible mechanisms, or of a lack of data, but rather through a lack of attention to the right data.

The present dissertation is composed by three essays. is the result of a large deficit in the goods balance and a modest surplus in the service balance. Moreover, I document the emergence from the mid-nineties of a strong negative relation between specialization in export of services and current account balances in a large sample of OECD and developing countries.

Specifically, these models generated the insights that large budget deficits would not drive up interest rates and, while the economy remained at the zero lower bound, that very large increases in monetary base wouldn’t be inflationary, and that the multiplier on government spending was greater than 1.

The one big exception to this satisfactory understanding was in price behaviour.

I show that a simple two-period model can rationalize the emergence of current account deficits in the presence of such asymmetric liberalization.

The key inter-temporal mechanism is the asymmetric timing of trade policies, which affects savings decisions.


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