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This process requires the student to interpret each case on the basis that it forms a system of inter-related rules rather than a stand alone decision.

This process requires the student to interpret each case on the basis that it forms a system of inter-related rules rather than a stand alone decision.

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Careful consideration must be given to what is the most appropriate one in all the circumstances taking into consideration the topic under investigation, personal references and resources available, both in terms of time and money.

If in doubt, we at Law Teacher are happy to help both in terms of research topics and choice of methodology.

Such research does however presuppose some knowledge of the past.

As can be seen, both qualitative and quantitative methodologies can be adopted in a legal dissertation.

The key thing is that the work must not reproduce existing knowledge.

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For example, a thesis on the topic ‘Affirmative action and the case-law of the US Supreme Court’ is unlikely to be sufficiently original (given that this has been the subject of a lot of academic literature).One immediate problem of this approach is in providing a single and conclusive definition of the nature and scope of the study, a problem which arises out of the sheer volume of studies that have been undertaken within this tradition.Students opting for this approach need to be alive to the possibility of ethical issues arising such as informed consent and confidentiality.An alternative methodology is to adopt a sociological approach, which is likely to include both qualitative and quantitative research methods, to look at the impact of the law in action and the role played by public policy.This methodology may appeal to those students from a social sciences background, those with a prior background in legal practice or those not working towards a ‘pure’ law degree.It can be used is areas for potential reform as diverse as the impact of technology on conveyancing or the introduction of no-fault compensation schemes. A comparative historical approach could be utilised within the human rights field, considering for example changing attitudes to slavery in social and economic history. Students therefore need to familiarise themselves with any statement of ethical principles for the conduct of research that their own institution may adhere to.The more sophisticated forms of sociolegal research require a high level of methodology awareness in that students may be required to justify their choice of methodology.Such an approach may well appeal to the ‘traditional’ law student although it does inevitably mean that that moral and political discussions will always be marginal to the dissertation, appearing perhaps only in the conclusion.If you are pushed for time or have limited financial resources this may be the methodology for you in that the majority of your research can be undertaken either on-line using a reputable legal database or from a good quality law library.


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