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Kumon centers were first started in 1958 by Toru Kumon in Osaka, Japan, after he found the teaching methods he developed for his son, Takeshi, helped him greatly with his reading and math skills.

Kumon had previously been a high school teacher, and he developed the program based on teaching students rote memorization of math facts.

The parents must take up the fallout from anything missing in their children’s education.

Kumon’s reading program includes a “recommended reading list that contains 380 books designed to help you as a parent select material that enhances your child’s appreciation for and understanding of the English language and helps to develop a lifelong love for reading.

Without that support, children are finding it more frustrating trying to learn what they need to alone.

The benefit of a Kumon center means they can get that help after school as they need it.

This shifting number makes it incredibly difficult for teachers to keep the class’s attention, let alone convey what they are trying to teach in that hour.

Given that it now takes two working parents to afford current living costs, many parents are not available for their kids after school to help with homework or even to explain basic facts.

Many Kumon students volunteer their time once they complete the program, and they go on to become teachers because of their love for teaching that is developed during that time.

Kumon teachers have ongoing training and are constantly helping improve the teaching program based on their experience with students and student case studies.


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