Kpmg National Case Study Competition

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The background of you and your teammates should be from one of the following subjects: business, economics, law, business law, informatics, business informatics, physics, mathematics, engineering or a similar subject. All team members must still be enrolled at a University or a University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland at the time of the International Final in April 2018. Team members do not need to study at the same University or University of Applied Sciences nor do they need to study in the same subject.To qualify for the KICC National Final, you need to convince our jury of your motivation to represent KPMG Switzerland in the KICC International Final.

It is expected that many other consulting firms also want this project. Hand in your proposal and win the fictitious client over in a personal presentation at the KICC National Final in Zurich.

If you get picked, expect to be on your way to an adventure of your life time!

This event will challenge and inspire you, testing your team’s ability to analyze and respond to realistic business scenarios.

During each stage of the competition, your team will be given a detailed case study to consider – and the rest is up to you.

Do you fancy joining the best and the brightest on an all-expenses-paid trip to Kuala Lumpur to take part in KICC?

KPMG is seeking the best team to support a fictitious client with a project.Participating teams work closely with KPMG professionals to resolve case studies based on real public accounting problems.All teams were assigned the same case and given a few hours to prepare.Kick-start your career and gain valuable global experience.Analyze business cases and present your solutions to KPMG leaders.At the end of this day, the client will pick the team he wants to work with in Kuala Lumpur.KICC will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Monday, 9 April to Thursday, 12 April 2018.Having already completed Business Policy (BPL 5100), a Zicklin BBA capstone requirement, I felt prepared and was able to integrate a strategy for the team.” The team’s KPMG advisors included Baruch alumna Janelle Pierre-Louis (BBA ’10, MS ’12), a senior associate and member of the 2009 winning team.Communications Studies professor Denise Patrick was also instrumental in preparing the team, which included transfer student Anita Toure and freshman Malika Sampson, who stated, “Victory tasted like the most delicious slice of cake you could imagine.” Each Baruch team member received 0 in prize money.Challenging cases on a variety of topics will be reviewed.KPMG provides many professional services to its clients, and the cases analyzed at the International Final reflect these.


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