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A king of the Sung dynasty casted shadows of animals on the wall using a Chinese lantern to entertain his sick wife.However, this visual art form has been on row of decline since the invention of electricity and as cinemas gained popularity.When we talk about hand shadowgraphy, it remains us of the Madhya Pradesh tourism advertisement “MP ajab hain, sabse gajab hain.” As everyone was spellbound by the moving shadows of animals, places, and the heritage of Madhya Pradesh, his advertisement captured our hearts and minds to the magic weaved using the ancient art of hand shadowgraphy on our television screens.

Others say printed papers will soon go the way of the Studebaker and that newspapers are destined to become online-only entities.

When Scanlan thinks of the predicament the internet poses for newspapers today, he’s reminded of the Pony Express riders who in 1860 started what was meant to be a speedy mail delivery service, only to be rendered obsolete a year later by the telegraph.

Today, we have just 10 artists across the globe who still practice this art.

Among them are Amar and late Sabyasachi (passed away in 2015).

But with the advent of radio and later television, newspaper circulation (the number of copies sold) began a gradual but steady decline.

By the mid-20th century, people simply didn’t have to rely on newspapers as their only source of news anymore.For anyone interested in the news business, it’s hard to avoid the sense that newspapers are at death’s door.Every day brings more news of layoffs, bankruptcies, and closings in the print journalism industry.All one need is two hands, 10 fingers, a blank white screen, and a light source to create a magical "cinematic silhouette” of hand shadowgraphy.Its history dates back to thousands of years ago in China.It is simple, yet a very complicated and powerful form of art.Amar and his friend Sabyasachi nurtured this art and their performances around the globe left the audience awestruck and spellbound. However, their interest in this art was capitulated by pictures of hand shadowgraphy on the back of magic books.But even with television grabbing more and more audience and ad dollars, newspapers still managed to survive.Papers couldn’t compete with television in terms of speed, but they could provide the kind of in-depth news coverage that TV news never could.Economic hard times have only accelerated the problem.Revenue from print ads has plunged, and even online ad revenue, which publishers had hoped would make up the difference, has slowed.


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