Investment Portfolio Management Case Study

Investment Portfolio Management Case Study-52
When Keith launched Value Trend he invited them to join his new practice.As a former business owner and entrepreneur, Bob tended to be cautious when making major decisions.They learned how the high cost of investment products, along with volatile markets, could never provide what they needed to secure their family’s future. Jack and Julie have been happily out of mutual funds and into Keith’s active asset management for the last ten years.

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Yet, by assigning their assets to a large firm that sold managed investment products, they found themselves drowning in a sea of mutual funds making little or no money.

Julie’s parents, who began dealing with Keith in 1990, sent them to see him.

So much of Wall Street is designed to work against you, and while working on the institutional side we all understood this.

But families want a trusting relationship with someone they can count on.

Bob, a friend and fellow farmer, had been dealing with Keith for over 15 years.

He told Bill & Dianne to talk to Keith before making any decisions.

Andrew is retired at 70, but Launa is 59 and concerned whether their money will support her in an expected long retirement.

Julianna and Arthur are in their highest earning years, working for large technology firms in the South Bay.

Investors can help balance investment risks to offset liabilities and improve funded status through appropriate LDI investment strategies.

This case study reviews how a better understanding of risk appetites, objectives and goals can lead to implantation of a LDI investment strategy.


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