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In addition to these Ramelteon and Melatonin are also used for the treatment of insomnia and much of their action on the human body is concerned with the melatonin receptors of eyes which may help induce sleep in the patient suffering from insomnia.Since depression is one of the major causes behind insomnia, many of the drugs used for the treatment of the disease are also good anti-depressants, these sedating antidepressants out of which trazodone is the prominent one help in diminishing psychiatric problems as a result of which sleep can be induced very easily and without any other side effects for the patient.

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(USA Today, 2010) Coming towards treatment that does not require or involve medications may require and emphasize upon the changes that need to be incorporated in lifestyle routine and nutritional modes in order to prevent the occurrence of insomnia.

One of the major efforts depending on this mode of treatment involves alleviation and overwhelming dependency on machines and adopting the habit of doing mechanical work.

Out of these methods relaxation and cognitive therapy are the most important one.

Relaxation therapy is mainly concerned with comprises of techniques and methods through the application of which the patient can help in reducing or eliminating anxiety and tension regarding different affairs and can help in inducing better sleep.

Avoid heavy and oily meals during night and in cases of hunger try to satisfy appetite requirements by having a high content carbohydrate meal.

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Along with all this there are also additional requirements that the person needs to keep in mind if he is becoming vulnerable to insomnia, this includes avoiding alcohol and increased exposure to sunlight.

These modes of treatments are named as medicated and non-medicated procedures of diagnosing and treating patients suffering from insomnia.

It is misconception to believe that the treatment of insomnia is usually related to having a large number of sleeping pills and because of the fear of administering ample medications many people do not reach to the root cause due to which the sign of the disease prevails within the human body.

All these curative prevention strategies will definitely prove helpful in overcoming the adverse and life-disturbing ramifications caused by insomnia.

(Szuba and Kloss, 2003)From a therapeutic perspective there are a number of methods that have been proposed in overcoming insomnia.


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