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that innovation is essentially restricted to ‘working with what you’ve got’.As indicated, the emphasis on innovation seems to be on saving or raising money and doing things differently rather than on what ideas could primarily make things better for the customer or the environment.Use a practical example to illustrate how team performance links to organisational objectives.

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of effort in a group undertaking” (Burchfield in Rost, 1976).

John Adair (2002) expands on this in 100 Greatest Ideas for Effective Leadership and Management to add that leading is about “giving direction especially in times of change; inspiring or motivating people to work willingly; building and maintaining teamwork; providing an example; producing a personal output”.

Below are some examples of how to avoid the common errors. Therefore, a good assignment uses the assessment criteria as a heading and a guide to keep your eye on the ball. Each Assessment criteria will start with a command verb, starting with basic command verbs at level 3 and working up to analytical verbs at level 7.

Here are some examples of the verbs you will see at each level.

It is essential if the task asks for two examples you give two examples.

An Example from a Level 7 Assignment Describe a performance management process for ensuring that responsibility for delivering strategic objectives is shared throughout the organisation.

We will be writing another blog soon on command verbs and their meanings or you can go to the Developing U resources section of the website to get a complete breakdown of command verbs.

Based upon the stakeholder needs identified in Task 1, produce a work plan or work scenario which illustrates how the primary needs of your stakeholders are being met.

It is essential you understand what each command verb is asking you to do so you can be very specific in your answer.

For example, if they ask you to evaluate and you describe you will not pass.


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