How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion

Given that they’ve just spent time reading the whole chapter, they don’t want to read it all again.What do you most want the reader to remember about this chapter?

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The three moves, link, focus and overview, are particularly useful if you are going back to writing a chapter after a period of time, writing chapters out of order or if you are really worried about the process of starting off.

If you stare at the blank screen not knowing where to start, using the three part move as a kind of less-stress ‘holding’ text can be helpful.

You have to join the beginning with the conclusion as you do in an essay.

You can almost breathe a sigh of relief as the dissertation is nearly finished.

What is the key to the argument you’ve made, the most significant thing(s) that they have to keep in their mind as they go forward?

Why I Want To Be An Army Officer Essay - How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion

In a thesis, a conclusion is usually fairly brief and to the point. Crunching the conclusion requires some thought – it’s not an afterthought.

You have to state how your research has filled a gap in the body of research that has come before it and state what unanswered questions there are which arise from your research.

These might form the basis for further research on your part in a Ph D programme, or they might inspire other post-graduate students to take up where your research has left off.

It may be that, as you were writing, a new angle came to you, something that you hadn’t thought of at the start. You just need to go back to the focus/aim that you had and readjust it.

However, it may be that you wandered off track during the chapter, and going back to check the aim at the start helps you to work out how and where.


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