Homework Hassle

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At least these are not as bad as all of the Disney books available. My one complaint is that not everyone can adopt the same study styles successfully.

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It can also help eliminate FOMO (fear of missing out) on fun activities. Tell them how proud you are when they are proactive, organized and hard working. As a parent, it’s your job to provide the system and tools your child needs to complete their homework.

Positive reinforcement can help instill these values and behaviors for life. It’s your child’s responsibility, however, to use them. If your child says “I can’t do it,” respond by saying, “Act like you can.” Tell your child to take a deep breath, collect their thoughts and find the confidence to figure it out on their own.

Even though Brother Bear sits down diligently every night with an open notebook, he has not been completing his homework assignments.

After taking a closer look, Mama and Papa In this timely First Time Book®, the Berenstains once again prove they have their paws on the pulse of America!

Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Will Brother be able to turn things around and make the grade?

Brother is falling behind in school because he isn't doing his homework. This beloved story is a perfect way to teach children about personal responsibility and the importance of school.This story has just reinforced what comes naturally.Mostly, my boys love the colorful and lively pictures of the Berenstain Bears books.The Berenstain Bears were the chaotic, disorganized, but loving family of Bears I wished were my own growing up.At least they gleaned lessons from their daily disasters hahahaha.This book has had a positive impact on my oldest, who is almost finished with kindergarten and his first year of homework.He is outstanding at wanting to finish his homework, so much so that I have to force him to take breaks and go play, otherwise he would do a week's worth of homework in one night.So I'm taking it upon myself to introduce them to the world of the Berenstain Bears.I used to run into the library, eyes bugging, looking for the recognizable covers, for anything new I hadn't read yet.After taking a closer look, Mama and Papa realize that there's a whole lot of competition going on for Brother's attention.He's watching TV, listening to his boom box, talking on the cell phone, and playing a video game.


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