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She has watched her mother go from First Lady to senator of New York amid speculation that Hillary Clinton will one day run for president.“Most presidents’ children—they sink like stones once their parent leaves office,” says Gil Troy, a presidential historian.

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From Arkansas to Oxford, Chelsea Clinton had a front-row seat to the political (and personal) wins and losses of her parents.

Nancy Jo Sales explored Chelsea’s coming of age in the years after her father left the White House in *Vanity Fair’*s June 2002 issue.

She stood on the sideline watching her new classmates dance. She had spent most of her life at the center of things.

She was Chelsea Clinton, and she wanted to get out on the dance floor. As a child, she had performed in with the Washington School of Ballet.

It was “Cheesy Listening” night at the Zodiac club in Oxford, and all the Sloanes were there.

The Sloanes—so named for their resemblance to an affected set in London in the 80s—are the girls who run the Oxford University social scene, or at least think they do, because they are pretty and blonde and have families with vacation homes in places like Ibiza, which they pronounce “Ih-bee-tha.” They can easily be spotted by their pink pashminas.

Chelsea has been taken under the wing of society mavens Sally Greene, head of the Old Vic theater, and Nicky Haslam, a sexagenarian man-about-town known for his spiky hair and leather pants.

in December, with shots of a red-faced Chelsea apparently stumbling from a car and having to be held up by friends.

She spotted a handsome boy in the crowd and let one of her guards know she would like to dance with him. as if he were being taken in front of the Queen.”In the months since that lonely night in Oxford, Chelsea Clinton has indeed emerged as a kind of queen—a media queen.

The Secret Service man dutifully approached the boy, and Chelsea danced.“It was a bit odd,” one of the boy’s friends said later, “because it was so sort of ‘Your presence is requested’ kind of thing . She was once known as a plain, studious girl given to wearing slogan T-shirts (DON’T LET THE FUTURE HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU was a favorite), but now her public image has been treated to the sort of glamour infusion publicists only dream about while delirious with fever.


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