Highschool Abortion Essays

Their stories are precisely what’s needed to move a class of students beyond the rigid battle lines.For the first day of class, rather than assigning cases or articles, I assigned 3 of the 17 essays — one on abortion, one on adoption, and one on single parenthood.Yet I do recall growing weary of our polarized, fractious abortion discourse and hated the way that it infected my classrooms.

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It was there that I came to understand the limits of our abortion discourse here in the United States.We rarely get to the hard questions of how and why abortion law might matter.And as an educator, I couldn’t help but wonder whether, by failing to raise these questions with my students, I was actually part of the problem.I wanted to help awaken these skills — self-awareness and active listening — because they’re essential to being effective lawyers.I also think they’re key to moving beyond the impasse in our country’s abortion war.Only after listening to the answers were they free to share their own thoughts.3.The stays silent, witnessing and ensuring that the focus is on listening.After both the speaker and listener have spoken, the observer may ask clarifying questions, may comment on anything they noticed in their partners’ exchange, and may add their own comments.As each group rotated and students took turns as speakers, I watched as they moved more deeply into conversation.They began to reveal parts of themselves typically left outside of the classroom.The classroom hummed with stories of a mother’s miscarriage, of a friend’s high school pregnancy, of a great aunt who died from an illegal abortion.


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