Hero Essay Lesson Plan

Hero Essay Lesson Plan-45
Have students choose a hero they would like to celebrate.You might focus their choices in a specific area, like science or math, or have them choose a hero in your community.

By the end of the unit, students will be creative with content and demonstrate their knowledge of the anti-hero by applying it to a real-world figure and arguing that he/she is deserving of empathy.

Students will explore the intricate layers of the anti-hero- a character that lies somewhere between the points of a “hero” and a “villain” on the heroic scale.

They will formulate their own questions using the Four Questions Protocol and debate this character's morality through a Socratic Seminar.

As students conduct their research, make sure they can answer the following questions: Students should combine the facts and stories from their research to write a composition or narrative introducing the hero and why this person deserves a hero’s title.

Work with them to determine how they might best share and show the story of their hero.


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