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The characters begin to “sow” or plant their identities, and we can now see the framework of the first book. Due to studies, the English Parliament tried to bring about reforms in working conditions to ease some of the poverty and other problems they were facing.

In a Utilitarian school, pupils are viewed as "Vessels" to be filled with the maximum number of facts at the minimum outlay of expense.In 1834, they came up with the Poor Law, which provided for workhouses.The poor people, who were accustomed to living where they pleased, resented this law because it obliged them to live with there families in workhouses.Thomas Malthus and Adam Smith are two of the enlightened thinkers whose works and theories Dickens embraced in this novel.Thomas Robert Malthus wrote an essay on the effects of population and the food supply titled "An Essay on the Principle of Population”. Why is it significant for the novel to open in the classroom of Facts and conclude in the circus of Fancy? Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks?Charles Dickens describes in great detail how the Industrial Revolution has changed the lives of the people of the period of time."In Hard Times, Dickens gives his vision of how Utilitarianism affected factory life, by describing labor relations, and how it affected education, by portraying a model school.The people who lived in these houses were dependent on the government and were subject to inhumane treatment from their cruel supervisors.We can see how Dickens ties this aspect of the revolution into his book in the chapter where Stephen Blackpool is introduced (Dickens, chapter X).


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