Hamlet Friendship Essay

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Interestingly, many of the critical insights we gain into Hamlet's character from his relationship with Ophelia, can only be fully understood in the light of his relationship with Gertrude.

Horror and disgust at his mother's behaviour, and a spreading and deepening of that horror to include all life, dominates the soul of Hamlet.

Horatio has proven his loyalty to Hamlet by recounting the events of the Ghost's arrival to him rather than seeking self-advancement by going to Claudius.

He recognises Horatio as a kindred spirit and values his friendship, knowing that he can trust him.

For Hamlet, these two represent the corruption of values such as friendship and loyalty that has become part of life in Claudius's Elsinore.

In fact, he says as much to them when he explains that the world has lost its beauty to him.Equally, his reaction to what he perceives as her betrayal is extremely significant in understanding key aspects of his subsequent actions and values.When he bumps into her while carrying while carrying, "Remembrances," of his that she has, "Longed to redeliver," Hamlet's imagination, something he freely admits is, "As foul as Vulcan's stithy," begins to conjure up a distorted image of Ophelia.Hamlet is one of the most complex characters in literature.From his friendships with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to his tense relationship with his mother and Claudius, it is clear that these contribute to shaping Hamlet's core values.Hamlet's relationship with Horatio is entirely different.What Hamlet most values most in Horatio is his loyalty and truthfulness.Hamlet's relationship with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is similar. Hamlet reacts to their disloyalty in a ruthless fashion.Initially, he is delighted to see them, but despite encouraging them, "To be even and direct," with him, they fail do so.Hamlet highlights the man's insincerity by repeatedly asking him to take off and then put back on his hat.As with so many of Hamlet's other relationships in the play, his interactions with Polonius and Osric demonstrate the degree to which he values truth and is repulsed by lies.


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