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Simply put, the pantheon is made up of the twelve gods who lived on Mount Olympus, who are known as the Olympians.

Not only is he the god of thunder and the sky, he’s also the subject of many famous Greek myths.

Zeus is the king of the Greek gods, which makes him one of the most important members of the Greek Pantheon.

Metis aided Zeus in rescuing his siblings from Cronus, who was Zeus’s father.

She only hoped for a better life after Zeus and his siblings imprisoned all the other Titans.

She used Zeus’s desire for her as a way to trick him, allowing her to escape from his grasp. Disguising himself as her husband, Zeus caused her to be impregnated with his son along with her husband's son.

Therefore, she gave birth to twins from different fathers.When Zeus found out that Metis would bare a daughter and son. Just like him to his father, Zeus decided to use trickery in order to prevent her from giving birth.His tricks may have prevented the birth of a son but they were too late to prevent the birth of his daughter.Zeus cheated on Hera countless times, betraying the sacred bond of marriage.Hera tried to stay calm at the beginning but with Zeus continues affairs and her temper Hera decided to take matters into her own hands.We’ll start off with Hera, goddess of women and marriage and Queen of the Gods.Now you would think the goddess of marriage would have the ideal marriage, but the marriage of Hera and Zeus was not as perfect as one would imagine.The first story will be told from a goddess’s point of view, Hera.The second story will be about the Titaness, Metis. The fourth story will examine the life of Zeus’s last mortal mistress, Alcmene.Zeus’s strength, charm, and persuasiveness are some of his strongest points.Zeus descended to Earth on numerous occasions, in disguise of course, to seduce maidens that he fancied.


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