Graphic Novel Essay Questions

(I tease my writer friends that the next embodiment of my story will be an animatronic themed park ride.) My point: Perhaps the book you’re writing could also be “re-packaged” as a graphic novel. If your story, true or not, is filled with visually interesting scenes and characters, it may be particularly suited to the graphic novel format.

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However, when I was approached about converting my memoir, published in 2003, into a graphic novel, I had to face my ignorance and arrogance.

Here are some things this graphic novel neophyte learned through his baptism of fire.

(Two colorists contributed to my book.) And then the captions are added, a process called lettering.

This is a specialty in its own right and is typically done by someone other than the lead artist. Here’s a sample finished page: Perhaps needless to say, we made edits and changes along the way, though we always worked hard to get each stage right before moving on to the next, as it’s much more efficient to make changes to visuals before they are colored and the lettering is added.

It appeared “in the wake” of the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, and the “scars” of the racial tensions between Hasidic Jews and African-Americans “were still fresh in New York,” he recalled.

Graphic Novel Essay Questions

“My intention was to represent the two communities as kissing and making up.” It proved to be a bit early for that; the cover sparked protests from both the black and Hasidic communities.

I had some sense of graphic novels, of course, but I paid them no heed.

Truth be told, I suppose I even looked down on them as if they were somehow beneath a “real” writer, reader and book lover such as myself.

Whatever the root causes, the key reason graphic novels sell is that they are entertaining and artful, some of them as much as any other book of any other type. Write a comic.” Eisner-Nominated Alex de Campi Talks Comics, Prose & Multidisciplinary Creative Work] I first told my story—one about how, as a child, I misdiagnosed my hallucinations caused by a seizure disorder as demonic possession—via a feature-length magazine piece.

I then wrote a narrative memoir, and now, some fifteen years later, it’s also a graphic novel, published by London-based Markosia.


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