Good Hook For A Tragic Hero Essay

If you are asked by your professor to write an academic paper related to Creon, it’s advisable to discuss it in the following terms: Make sure that your case study analysis on this subject is not less than 5 paragraphs and formatted correctly.

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In the book of Macbeth by Shakespeare we see a character like Macbeth that fits these two definitions because he’s a hero torn by his flaws.

Macbeth converts his good into evil which ends up destroying him.

The traditional Greek tragic hero is defined by five characteristics, the first being Areté. Hubris is defines a hero as having excessive pride.

Até is blind recklessness that heroes may follow because they do not think about what is going to happen next. The tragic flaw that a traditional Greek hero harbors is their excessive pride.

This is shown when Creon says, "But whoever steps out of line, violates the laws or presumes to hand out orders to his superiors, he'll win no praise from me.

(AI L746-750)" They will not accept defeat and this is bad.

As much as he shows his confidence and pride, he is always conscious of his background - always needing to reassure himself and others, that he has earned his place in Venice.

This is why he thinks he has found an ally in Iago You could begin your essay something like this: Every tragic hero has a promising future before some fatal flaw in his (or her) character obsesses and envelops all his actions.


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