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“While not contributing to your grade, the task will continue to be an important part of the qualification,” Ofqual’s director for general qualifications, Julie Swan, wrote in a letter to students.

“Learning about a high-level programming language and having the opportunity to show that you can use it to solve problems is an important aspect of a computer science course of study.

Absolutely fuming that my Y10 will have to waste 20 hours on an NEA task that won't count, doesnt need any formal assessment or feedback.

Ofqual backed time wasting #gcse #computerscience — Khawer Ishtiaq (@kishtiaq) January 8, 2018 Many Year 11 students have already completed huge amounts of their coursework which will now effectively go to waste.

Soon enough the first response came in with a full solution. Ofqual described how a “simple search” for a key requirement of a task on one popular forum brought up more than 40 pages of results.

“The speed with which the tasks appeared online and the number of times the discussions and solutions were viewed threatened the integrity of this aspect of the qualification,” the report by Ofqual explained.

The decision is likely to be met with frustration from Year 10 students as well.

They will have to complete the coursework from scratch but gain no marks toward their final grade from it.

Computer Science pupils will still be expected to complete the same coursework as before – however it will gain them no marks.

In November 2017, Ofqual addressed countless reports of leaked answers on online forums and websites.


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