Fun Problem Solving Activities For Adults

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These blindfold activities can be delivered in less than 20 minutes and only require a blindfold and a rope.

Great for developing communication skills, especially active listening and they are also good fun!

Many of our problem solving challenges can be solved either indoors or out and so can be included as a wet-weather alternative or part of a winter programme.

Problem solving tasks are ideal for our team development, leadership development and organisational development team building programmes and some of the challenges can be adapted for inclusion in a fun team build or adult activity session. The session is facilitated at all times by either an instructor or facilitator.

This exercise as with most requires little equipment however does require a bit of planning prior to your session to ensure the activity is well structured and goes to plan!

Mind block is a problem solving game that requires a good memory and the powers of observation in order to succeed.Using Lego blocks the guests must replicate a pre-built lego design after only a short viewing period, this sounds simple but you will be suprised at the results.Again this game can be used for all training events and you just need to source some lego blocks from around the home or school.Circle of Silence One person is selected to stand in the middle of the circle wearing a blindfold, the objective of the challenge is for the rest of the group to pass a selected object (such a tin with marbles in) around the circle without making any noise.Night Trail Working as a team, blindfolded participants follow a rope and try to navigate their way round a series of obstacles.Trust, support, leadership and communication is essential for this challenge.Perfect Square In this activity, the team has to form a perfect square using rope while blindfolded.Robots The objective of this fun blindfold activity is for smaller sub-teams to work together and communicate effectively to retrieve a bomb before the other teams.This challenge focusses on communication, trust and cooperation.Problem solving games and activities are an excellent way to break the ice and install a fun element into your presentation and provide a great method to observe peoples performance when it comes to quick thinking, passage of information and team work.You can use the following 3 fun problem solving games in any situation and make them last for a duration of your choice, all you require are a few items from around the office or home.


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