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The affiliate industry is much larger than gambling.Online affiliates sell everything from books to expensive cars.Lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions, not to mention thousands of scratch off games, generate billions of dollars in revenues for states every year. It doesn’t generate enough money to replace the income tax but it certainly makes a big difference in state budgets.

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The casinos hire security guards, monitor their parking lots, and take precautions against violent crime afflicting their patrons.

Yes, crime still happens around casinos but it is rare and police are usually close by. I don’t mean “the house always wins”, although that is most often true.

So while most of those people may go home losers, they will have injected new wealth into the local communities. If you can live without the gambling but enjoy it — you’re probably okay.

Yes, you will probably lose money when you gamble but if you have fun doing so, what is the difference between losing $200 at a casino and spending $200 on expensive tickets for a show or sporting event? If you only gamble with money you can afford to lose, and not with money you need for bills and to live on — you’re probably okay.

Winning at gambling is not easy and it’s a hard lifestyle for those who practice it full-time.

Gambling is a feast-or-famine proposition for many professionals, but some people believe they can beat the odds consistently by mastering the skills of poker and blackjack.But critics have warned that when economies turn bad governments turn to their lottery revenues to fund other needs.While using lottery revenues for non-educational purpose may not be a bad thing, it is a political hot potato that must be handled carefully.The Bible’s warnings about “loving money” more than “loving god” have nothing to do with gambling; a businessman who never gambles can love money. So it is unfortunate that many generations of devout people have been misled into thinking that gambling itself is a sin.Of course, gambling has been the ruin of many a man — there is no doubt about that.Also, you’ll spend the money you earn, thus contributing back to the economy.Many casinos have created vast opportunities for their local communities through hiring of employees, contracting with local businesses, and drawing in large numbers of people who stay overnight at local hotels.Gambling is a great group activity for friends and family, and many groups do organize special gambling trips to casinos that are maybe a few hours’ drive away.Sure, there are seedy backroom gambling parlors where people you would not want to cross come to gamble, but that stereotype has been put down in many places by large, professional casinos.They offer furniture, vacation deals, discount coupons, and just about everything you can imagine. An Introduction to the Science of Games says that: Game play is an important part of human behavior but it has taken on more importance than in the individual person’s development.For example, we use the Olympic Games to bring whole nations together in a celebration of fair and brotherly competition.


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