Four Essays Gullivers Travels

Four Essays Gullivers Travels-25
He lands here after a shipwreck in which he is the only survivor.

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And in using the fire in the Queen's chambers, the rope dancers, the bill of particulars drawn against Gulliver, and the inventory of Gulliver's pockets, he presents a series of allusions that were identifiable to his contemporaries as critical of Whig politics.

Why, one might ask, did Swift have such a consuming contempt for the Whigs?

While here, Gulliver visits the Academy of Laputa, where scholars work tirelessly at useless ideas.

During this trip, Gulliver also visits Glubbdubdrib, an island of magicians, Luggnagg, a place where its inhabitants have eternal life though they continue to age, and then Japan. Houyhnhms: Gulliver's final destination is the land of Houyhnhms, a land of intelligent horses who use human-like creatures called Yahoos as their servants.

The Houyhnhms are distressed by Gulliver's accounts of England and how Yahoos seem to be in control, though they are seen as only partially rational, so they decide to expel Gulliver and send him away.

Four Essays Gullivers Travels

Gulliver makes a boat, goes off to sea, is picked up by a Portuguese ship, and returns safely to England, where he is a changed man, preferring the company of horses to the humans he now finds disgusting and uncivilized.

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However, after Gulliver agrees to serve the Lilliputians, he is freed and allowed to meet their Emperor.

During his time here, he protects the kingdom by destroying the ships of the Blefuscu, the Lilliputian's enemy, and learns about life at court, including the politics of the kingdom.


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