Expository Essay On Education System

It has changed with the changing times and with the changes in the society.

However, whether these changes and developments are for good or not is still a question.

Schools must focus on activities that challenge the student’s mind, hone their analytical skills and invoke their creative thinking ability.

This will help them perform better in different fields as they grow up.

Indian education system is mainly divided into four stages – lower primary, upper primary, high school and higher secondary.

Students follow a fixed curriculum up to 10 standard; though, in higher secondary they get to choose from various streams i.e. Apart from certain textual changes and over time rectifications, nothing much has changed in Indian Education system.They are so blinded by the urge of staying ahead of the competition that they do not realize that they are pushing the children in the wrong direction.At an age when the students should be given the chance to explore their interests and hone their creative side, they are pressurized to follow a set curriculum and slog day and night to get good marks.The Gurukul The Indian education system dates back several centuries.From the ancient times, children are being sent to the teachers to learn lessons on different subjects and to add value to their lives and make them skilled to live a self dependent life.Introduction Indian education system is said to be old and mundane.In the times, when the organizations are looking for creative and enthusiastic individuals, the Indian schools train the young minds, to follow a set curriculum and behave as they are told for almost fifteen years of their lives.Indian education system is quite different from that of the foreign nations.The curriculum in the western countries is known to be quite light and based on practical knowledge whereas in India the focus is on theoretical knowledge and acquiring marks by hook or crook.The system must be changed to ensure the all round development of the students.Conclusion The people in power must understand that the Indian education system requires serious reforms.


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