Essays On Stress Management Techniques

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However, if your stress level is too high, medical and social problems can result.

Fortunately, stress management is largely a learnable skill.

Although life itself is dependent upon certain forms of stress, it is only when stress is handled poorly by the body or mind that it becomes a health hazard.

Stress that is expressed or experienced negatively can be linked to many physical complaints, from headaches and hypertension to symptoms affecting a person's mental state.

The goals for this study are to review the methods to manage stress.

Essays On Stress Management Techniques Critical Care Patient Case Study

Besides that, it also explains the causes of stress and shows the signs and symptoms of stress.

There are many proven skills that we can use to manage stress.

These help us to remain calm and effective in high pressure situations, and help us avoid the problems of long term stress.

However, all require work toward change: changing the source of stress and/or changing your reaction to it. There is an whole Sleep is a natural state of rest for both the mind and body (Farlex, Inc., 2009).

Adequate sleep on a consistent basis will assist you in staying healthy and performing at your best.


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