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After some time tea was ready, we took tea and eatables; by then it was p.m. Picnics were very common for families in older days. it was a happy day in the pleasant company of friends. It is good to run away into the open air for a day when one has the time.

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Retain skin color tips in urdu after seaside, farm house or swimming pool picnic whenever there is a pleasing weather, people tend to go to various picnic spots but what when you come back home, there are chances that your bright and white skin may get pale.

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Picnics, tours, trips and excursions are part and parcel or our life. Then we played some games on the soft sand of the river bank. One of us was a good singer; he entertained us with many songs. We made some enquiries but there was no bus available.

The children of one family played with children of other picnickers. In the afternoon there was a drizzle and even a few drops of rain were very much welcome at that season of the year. They took with them a number of mats, a stove, a kerosene can, some wheat flour, a pastry board, a pastry roller, a big can of purified water and a number of necessary articles which had been jointly listed by all the friends. He had already cut up the vegetables and prepared the fire before we reached there.

Then we had a session of tidbits and quizzes and other cultural items.

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Need translate seaside to urdu here's how you say it.

We felt that our lunch was not enough because everyone ate more than usual.

After lunch we all had a nap under the balmy shade for the trees. On the fixed day, two of my friends, Sushil and Anil left very early in the morning for the canal. Devi Dayal, who had been engaged by us also, reached the place at the time he was asked to do.


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