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Recent studies show that 82.5% of all college students drink (

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The Drinking Age Alcohol, according to some, is the root of most drinking problems.

However, lowering the drinking age actually could and most likely would solve most of the problem.

The Drinking Age: Legal Age Should Be 18 The legal drinking age in all states should be eighteen.

First, the problems and costs associated with underage drinking might be alleviated.

Minor may be sold or supplied liquor if accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

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Suggested Recommendation Legal minimum drinking age of 20 years with no exceptions for purchasing ...According to Klaidman, of 10 million people under the age 21 who admitted they'd had a cocktail in the last month, 4.4 million said that ... Also, alcohol use among 12 to 17 year olds has risen .9% over the past three years (137).Lack of entertainment on college campuses and easy availability of alcohol can lead to underage drinking as well.Binge Drinking on College Campuses When parents send their children away to college, they expect them to receive a quality education that will prepare them for the real world.However, most parents do not realize that their hard-earned money is being used to purchase hard liquor.American History Arts and Movies Biographies Book Reports Computers Creative Writing Economics Education English Geography Health and Medicine Legal Issues Miscellaneous Music and Musicians Poetry and Poets Politics and Politicians Religion Science and Nature Social Issues World History Due to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), America's drinking water is safer than it has been in decades, and of better quality than that of many other countries.Accordingly, many Americans believe that while people elsewhere may have reason to be concerned about getting ...Raising or maintaining the legal drinking age would be ineffective, since alcohol is easily obtained.Furthermore the drinking and driving accidents matter is dropping among young people. Considering the fact that an 18 year old is presumed ...Second, studies show that alcohol is easily obtained, and most eighteen- year-olds who do so drink sensibly.Next, Louisiana's experiments with lowering the drinking age to eighteen show no ...


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