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All of the Romantic poets (except Wordsworth) are known to have used it, as did many other prominent contemporaries.

Supplies were readily available: in 1830, for instance, Britain imported 22,000 pounds of raw opium.

But the opium cure proved ultimately to be more devastating in its effects than the troubles it was intended to treat, for such large quantities taken over so many months seduced him unwittingly into slavery to the drug.

And his life between 18 (when he returned from Malta) is a somber illustration of a growing and, finally, a hopeless bondage to opium.

Kubla Khan Essay, Research Paper Kubla Khan If a man could pass thro Paradise in a Dream, & have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his Soul had really been there, & found that flower in his hand when he awoke Aye! (CN, iii 4287) Kubla Khan is a fascinating and exasperating poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (.

Almost everyone who has read it, has been charmed by its magic.fragment versus complete poem), and its relationship to the Preface by which Coleridge introduced it on its first publication in 1816.Coleridges philosophical explorations appear in his greatest poems.Kubla Khan is the sole or a major subject in five book-length studies; close to 150 articles and book-chapters (doubtless I have missed some others) have been devoted exclusively to it; and brief notes and incidental comments on it are without number.Despite this deluge, however, there is no critical unanimity and very little agreement on a number of important issues connected with the poem: its date of composition, its meaning, its sources in Coleridges reading and observation of nature, its structural integrity (i.e.Thus it sometimes encourages the mood in which daydreaming occurs. Alethea Hayter, although she wishes to avoid the extremes of the positions of Abrams and Schneider, nevertheless comes much closer in her conclusions to the latter than to the former.The narcosis of opium has been popularly described as having the effect of heightening and intensifying the acuteness of the senses. Opium, she argues, can only work On what is already there in a mans mind and memory, and, if he already has a creative imagination and a tendency to reverie, dreams and hypnologic visions, then opium may intensify and focus his perceptions.Her final verdict which can be no more than a hypothesis is that the action of opium, though it can never be a substitute for innate imagination, can uncover that imagination while it is at work in a way which might enable an exceptionally gifted and self-aware writer to observe and learn from his own mental processes.The most reasonable conclusion to be drawn from these various explorations of the relationship between opium and the operation of the creative imagination is that, while Kubla Khan might well not have been produced without opium, it most assuredly would never have been born except for the powerfully and innately imaginative mind of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.Early critics, guided by Coleridges statements in the 1816 Preface, assumed that there was a direct and immediate correlation between opium and imagination. More recent criticism, however, grounded on modern medical studies, controverts such conclusions decisively.According to Elisabeth Schneider, it is widely agreed now that persons of unstable psychological makeup are much more likely to become addicted to opiates than are normal ones and that, among such neurotic users of opium, the intensity of the pleasure produced by the drug seems (on the evidence of medical case-studies) to be in direct proportion to the degree of instability.


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