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In order to get maximum efficiency and productivity out of teachers and students, school morale must be at a significant level....

The main reason is because I made my First Holy Communion. We would take many trips across the street to the church and practice what we would do in a mass.

My family is very religious and they were very proud of me for making my Communion. I remember being absolutely terrified to make a confession with Father Hanley.

[tags: High school, Academic term, College, Mind] - The National School Climate Center defines school climate as the "quality and character of school life" and identifies four major aspects: safety, teaching and learning, relationships, and environment (National School Climate Center, 2012).

Any organization that serves people must foster an environment in which the workers, and the people it services, collectively feel a certain pride in belonging to that institution.

      I started off by going to Peppermint Patty preschool in I do not remember much Especially since I would always get in trouble for it.

For some reason I do not remember much about first grade.

The question of school after high school still stands; 2 year or 4 year college, which one is better.

College is a place where graduating seniors from high school, people who took year(s) off or those planning to return and further their education....

In this last June, I played, surely, my last game of Soccer and left a few of the longest friendships I had behind, along with some new ones I made that season.

Though, moreover I left behind a part of me that will most likely be frozen in time for the rest of my life.


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