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They expect access to a variety of seafoods, leather goods, timbers, medicinal ingredients and textiles.

At the other end, extreme poverty means some people see wildlife as valuable barter for trade.

WWF's expertise ensures that the threats to the environment from wildlife trade are tackled from an informed and global standpoint.

It’s one thing to ban or limit trade in a particular species, but another to effectively enforce this—especially in developing countries where training and funds for enforcement are often lacking.

Just as overfishing causes imbalances in the whole marine system, our complex web of life on earth depends on careful and thoughtful use of wildlife species and their habitats.

Many invasive species have been purposely introduced by wildlife traders or buyers.

Wildlife trade alone is a major threat to some species, but its impact is frequently made worse by habitat loss and other pressures.

The very existence of illegal trade undermines efforts made by countries to protect their natural resources.

Like marine species killed through bycatch, incidental killing of animals also happens on land.

For example, crude traps set for musk deer or duikers cause damage and death to a variety of animals besides those intended.


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