Essay Questions For My Side Of The Mountain

Essay Questions For My Side Of The Mountain-13
Give each student a piece of large poster board paper on which to mount the three paintings side by side, illustrating the three main scenes of the story.

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Point of view, verbs, anthropomorphism, irony, flashback, in context, adjectives, similes, recap, paraphrase, fact vs.

opinion, onomatopoeia, comic relief, mood, metaphors, allusion, alphabetical order, idioms, oxymorons, alliteration, assonance, consonance, extended metaphors, willing suspension of disbelief, conflict, quest, dramatic structure, full-circle ending, coming of age, bildungsroman, compare & contrast.

Unsatisfied with the situation, Sam plans to run away to his great-grandfather's abandoned farm near the small town of Delhi, New York, to live off the land.

Sam studies survival skills from books at the New York City Public Library.

The novel contains many examples of figurative language that students might also identify and use as a starter in writing the poems.

Personification, simile and hyperbole are three of the figurative language devices the author frequently uses.

After discussing these with students, instruct them to identify what would be needed to survive in some different biomes.

Assign students a biome or allow them to choose one.

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