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Organized crime was the first to emerge as a transnational crime.Encompassing the Mafia as an opponent the 1950’s, organized crime came to the forefront because of the high-profile of political ramifications concerning the wealth of those involved in organized crime started during the prohibition era (A History of Organized Crime, 2008) The menace to individual sanctuary on a personal level , transnational crime stops the cultural development of societies internationally.

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However in order to immigrate, some individuals do violate immigration laws and regulations which lead to exploitation by criminals.

Transnational international crimes do cause an increase to crime in general: desperate socioeconomic conditions, the retaining of illegal goods and drugs and especially when suppliers are in one country and consumers are in another and unfortunately the universal greed for power and money (Finckenauer, 2000) Transnational Crime and the Legal Process of Innocence The intent of criminal justice is to prosecute those who commit a crime in a transnational arena when the evidence is overwhelming .

The Daily Mail recently conducted some undercover journalism in a Chinese factory that makes the i-pad – where the report they ‘encountered a strange, disturbing world where new recruits are drilled along military lines, ordered to stand for the company song and kept in barracks like battery hens – all for little more than £20 a week.’ Apparently workers have to endure shifts up to 34 hour s long, and the factory has been dubbed the ‘i nightmare factory’.

The evil Coca-Cola corporation is a good example of a company causing environmental decline in India: It takes 2.72 litres of water to produce 1 litre of coca cola.

Growth of transnational crime has been multifaceted, invading activities such as drugs, illegal immigrants, money laundering and other criminal activities.

The definition of this national crime is as varied as the crimes themselves.

The lucky survivors have relatives to look after them; many survivors have no family left.

apparent root cause of the accident was that the plant had not been properly maintained following the ceasing of production, although tons of toxic chemicals still remained on the site.

In addition to the 3000 people that died almost immediately, over the last two and a half decades, there have been a further 20,000 deaths and 120 000 cases of people suffering from health problems, including severe deformities and blindness, as a result of the toxic seepage into the surrounding area from the plant.

Since the disaster, survivors have been plagued with an epidemic of cancers, menstrual disorders and what one doctor described as “monstrous births” and victims of the gas attack eke out a perilous existence – 50,000 Bhopalis can’t work due to their injuries and some can’t even muster the strength to move.


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