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Essay On Political Situation In Pakistan-74
The taste of power (the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and some seats in the parliament, yet the disappointment in not being able to decisively defeat the PML-N in Punjab (that is all that matters these days and perhaps PTI was “promised” more) has made Imran Khan feel that this year is his “turn”, come what may.Hence, PTI has opened its door to the traditional elite, especially in rural Punjab, and hopes that they would help increase the captain’s chances.

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AMLO’s (as he is popularly called) persistence in continuing to participate in elections in 2006 (when he also alleged electoral fraud), 2012 and now in 2018 shows a certain determination toward working within the democratic process even when the state machinery is bent on denying you the space to organise and continue your legitimate struggle.

Cardenas, who is 84, must have finally felt vindicated.

The last two decades have seen El-Salvador witnessing a series of elections that has led to some of the ex-leftist militants being elected and forming governments.

It is still a country with many social and economic problems, but a new generation of Salvadorans has grown up without the memory of the violence the country witnessed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here, I am not merely speaking about “corruption” — the bogey word on everyone’s lips — but about the long-term political space that is being envisioned by our mainstream political parties.

For a future that addresses issues related to economic equity, social justice and the consolidation of civilian institutions (the supremacy of the parliament), perhaps similar to what the guerrillas in the mountains and plains of El-Salvador were demanding more than 25 years ago, similar to what Cardenas talked about in 1988 and similar to what Obrador is insisting on today.

In the summer of 1988, I conducted field research in Mexico after my first year in graduate school in the US.

This coincided with the elections in Mexico in which there were widespread allegations regarding electoral fraud by the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

This was a time when El-Salvador was going through a brutal civil war with left-wing guerrillas and democracy activists on one side, and a government supported by the elite and the military on the other.

Our mission was to oversee the peace process brokered by the UN that would lead to free and democratic elections.


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