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On the other hand, Patch realizes that medicine is one of business, so he and his friends set up a free medical clinic for patients who need helps and treatments.The school finds what he did and decides to expel him.There is a danger in honoring tradition blindly and making sure that it remains unchanged no matter what.

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Patch Adams is an inspiring movie which is based on the life story of Dr. Hunter is voluntarily hospitalized in a mental institution when he became actively suicidal.

He finds the joy of helping people in the hospital.

The true solution to Rudy's problem, his unduly fear of squirrels (because they may be after his "nuts" - one of the first in a series of many word plays and puns in the movie as a whole), is something that Patch accidentally stumbles upon when, partly for the sake of his own convenience, he decides to enter into Rudy's delusion and starts shooting the imaginary (but to Rudy very real) squirrels with equally imaginary guns.

It is, paradoxically, by taking Rudy's delusion seriously that Patch manages to "cure" Rudy of it.

Patch also invokes the opening words of Dante's Inferno when he speaks of having lost the right path in the middle of his life's journey - the right path, which he was to find eventually "in the most unlikely place," in a psychiatric ward.

What unfolds here is a clear statement of the overall theme of the movie as a whole.

The opening words of the movie ("All life is a coming home"), should remind us of the Odyssey, the ultimate or archetypal coming home story in classical literature.

But in this context the words express something more than a literal return home, they express something like having found one's true place in the world.

Even if it doesn't kill us, it will slow us down and make us overlook the possibility of throwing it off, of being liberated from it.

It is also interesting to note that Patch gets his new name when he repairs a leaking paper cup with a piece of self-adhesive strip that was originally meant for another purpose.


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