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Panic disorder is diagnosed by reoccurring attacks that form major changes in behavior, or if they repeat frequently (

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Teenagers often feel pressure to do things that they wouldn’t normally do and feel overwhelmed with new school activities.

Some teens may experience extreme cases of depression, family stresses and less family support.

Many of these symptoms cause people to avoid contact with the outside world, thus thrusting them deeper into their fears.

The concept can be better understood through the example of a woman observed by researcher and psychiatrist Fraser Kent.

During an attack, the heart pounds, and it feels like the person experiencing the attack is dying or going crazy (

This disorder could be considered a mental illness depending on how severe a person’s symptoms are.

This arachnophobic woman was so afraid of spiders that she would sweep, dust and vacuum twice a day to make sure spiders never settled in her home.

She would clean, and then burn any bags coming from the grocery store to make sure that none entered the house from outside (2)....

Someone suffering from agoraphobia has a fear of being somewhere where help will not be provided in case of an emergency; one third to one half of people diagnosed with panic disorders develops agoraphobia, (Hoeksema & Rector, 2011, p....

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