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Our teenager named Eliezer grew up in the small community of Sighet, located in Hungarian Transylvania.

It’s here that Eliezer studies religion, both the Cabbala and the Torah.

And lastly the bond that Eliezer shares with his father is important to the story because now he has someone whom he can consistently depend on.

Without his father we would have seen the hope and humanity lost within Eliezer.

More than once Eliezer experiences the rupture of the bond a family shares between both the father and son.

He describes his bond with his father as a support system; they both ensure the other has enough to survive through the day.The prisoners turn cold hearted and cruel towards each other because now their only concern is survival.Because of the horrific events in the concentration camp and the ever-present risk of death does Eliezer begin to lose his faith in humanity and his God.Another strong theme from the book is the importance of family bonds, especially if that’s all you have left in harsh conditions.Eliezer has a hard time watching the other families interact because they no longer share a special bond of love but instead share the idea of selfishness.This becomes especially hard throughout the book, as he has to face more and more challenging ssues.Moshe the Beadle is the one character that Eliezer learned about his faith from, Moshes teachings frame the conflict that Eliezer faces during the story.One point that Moshe teaches Eliezer is that religion is based on two concepts; that god is everywhere, even within an individual and that faith is based on questions not answers.A majority of the story focuses on our main characters questions, and how he is constantly questioning how their can be such evil the world when he has been told all his life that God is everywhere and since God is good that means that everything is good.He doesn’t understand this because before they were deported to the concentration camps Eliezer never had to experience any harsh times, but all of sudden he is stuck as a prisoner in the war and can’t believe that there are people out there as cruel and terrifying as the Gestapo.Eliezer also has difficulty with some of the viciousness that the other prisoners display towards the others, but yet he understands it at the same time, because he is going through the same hunger, pain and desperation.


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