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Human skills help the manager to communicate, lead, and motivate an employee to work towards a higher level of productivity. Imagine Kelly's job description was changing to include a greater deal of responsibility but for the same pay.Kelly is upset, and feels overwhelmed by this change.

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These skills are most important for low-level managers because of how closely they work with employees performing the actual job functions.

include the ability for managers to work with, motivate, encourage, empathize, and communicate with their employees.

Human skills are critical for all managers because they work with people.

Managers with good human skills understand their role inside the manager/employee relationship and how important things, like trust, cohesion, fairness, empathy, and good will, are to the overall success of the organization.

Try it risk-free This lesson will discuss the types of skills a manager needs, including technical, human, and conceptual skills.

You'll learn how each of these skill sets impacts a manager's ability to effectively lead his or her employees.

Essentially, a manager's conceptual skills allow him or her to solve problems in a strategic and calculated fashion.

Conceptual skills are becoming increasingly more important in today's chaotic Managers are, continually, being challenged to think conceptually about their organizations to develop action plans and harness resources to achieve organizational goals.

A manager with good conceptual skills can look at a problem, break it down into manageable pieces, consider a variety of possible solutions, all before putting it back together again in a more effective and efficient manner.

Conceptual skills are most important for top managers but still important for middle and low-level managers as well.


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