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One of the most significant features of communication is that it is a dynamic and developing phenomenon.In other words it cannot easily be analyzed into component features without its nature being destroyed in the process.So that the learners are able to practice the forms of the target language, i.e. It simply means when the language is used for communication, the language forms are used for a process of communication.

From the point of view of the speaker this means that s/he must choose the ideas which s/he wants to express with appropriate linguistic forms.

Foreign language learners may face problems in making choice in this regard.

So, the strategies involved in this process are important.

Learning by doing It is now widely accepted that education must be ultimately learner-centred more than the teacher-centered.

Mistakes are not always a mistake While developing communicative ability of the learners, trivial mistakes of grammar or pronunciation does not matter as long as the learner gets his/her message across.

In the initial stage of learning to communicate in a foreign language, mistakes are bound to happen.

The learners commit mistakes because they are trying to do something which they have not been told or shown how to do, how to speak which they have not mastered. If the teacher corrects each and everything at every level, the learners may lose their confidence of using the language for communication. Widdowson, communicative abilities are 'those skills in which the system is realized as use.

Principles of Communicative Language Teaching Communicative Ability and Communicative Competence For effective communication one must have ability to communicate properly and have communicative competence. Communicative abilities embrace linguistic skills but not the reverse.

The teacher may go on teach, but if the learner is not making any effort, then there is no point of teaching.

The teacher must involve the learner and must be judged in terms of its effects on him/her.


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