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Some of the types of stability operations include the civil security and civil control (US Dept of Defense 39).

Once an area has been secured, military personnel are deployed to prevent further occupation of insurgents.

Their operation will be director towards controlling the resources, areas and the civilian population from the access of the insurgents.

These insurgents use guerilla warfare in tackling the any countering military group.

Therefore, insurgency operations combine the aspects of offensive, defensive and stability operation.

Counterinsurgency Power Point Details: In “Best Practices in Counterinsurgency,” the author identified the most successful practices in counterinsurgency from a military perspective.

Design and create a Power Point presentation (10-12) slides that could be used to teach an emergency management group the following items: Examine the best practices from an emergency management perspective and identify those that would be of benefit in the United States.There then is distrust between law enforcement and the community.Allowing the use of counterinsurgency to turn that officer into an insurgent in that neighborhood. If an individual shows respect and a bond of trust is made between the two, then the animal allows the individual to be in its immediate surroundings.In addition, these doctrinal counterinsurgency principles help the commanders to make rational and appropriate decisions while executing counterinsurgency operations in the field (US Dept of Defense 86).The application of some of the doctrinal guidelines in when deciding the aspect of protecting the forces and accomplishing the mission.In these exercises, discriminating use of fire and calculated response discipline characterizes offensive operations.In most cases, measured combat operations are employed to kill and capture fanatic insurgents within a civilian community.Consider appropriate messages in response to terrorist actions. ″Best Practices in Counterinsurgency″ by Sepp, from Military Review (2005). If that trust bond is broken and the animal runs or attacks.Officers need to empower the lowest level of the community (Defense, 2009).


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